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I’m Brittany, lover of make-up, wanna-be chef, and a time-to-time DIY-er. I’m 27 years old and I live in Toronto, #whatatimetobealive. I live and breathe social media, I love reading blogs and watching make-up tutorials on YouTube.

I have had a love affair with make-up for as long as I can remember. Here is a photo of me in 1994, and I’m going to assume it’s my first encounter with “make-up”. I think someone gave me a set of  Lip Smackers for Easter and I am thrilled beyond belief as we can see from my face.

I started dancing when I was 3, and they slap that crazy make-up on you real quick and send you right out on the stage. By 7 I was a natural at applying false eyelashes, and wearing flaming red lipstick was the norm. So, I was destined to be a make-up addict.

Here I am at 17, attempting to rock a smoky eye and red lips.. Alright, alright, I was going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show downtown, this wasn’t my everyday look.

And finally here I am today at 25, I figured out the importance of winged eyeliner, a bright lip, contouring and filling in your eyebrows.

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I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!