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At Home Waxing!

Ok this one I’m legit excited about… I’ve been getting waxed since I was about 16.. While it is painful, the results are great – I love going! A few weeks ago, I had this thought.. why do I travel to my favourite waxing place (shoutout to Aroma!) and pay $$$$ for this service, when I swear I can do this on my own. So, I jumped on Amazon, and the rest is history.


First I spent a few minutes reading the different reviews on the wax. I stumbled upon the Satin Smooth Aloe Vera Pot Wax ($23/Cdn), which had really good reviews, and I said let’s do this! and added it to my cart.  Next up, I needed some spatula’s to spread the wax on with, so I found this 100 pack of JJ Autumn’s Wax Applicator Sticks ($16/Cdn), and the reviews said they were a great size, so in the cart they went. And lastly, I needed some strips! So I ordered these Professional Hair Removal Cotton Strips, which comes in a large roll, and you cut to your desired length ($23/Cdn). With my cart full, and the price ringing up to $65, I placed the order and waited. Usually one wax session, depending on what you’re getting, is about $40-50, so I figured for $65, I’m going to be getting multiple sessions, this was a bargain. Less than a week later, the waxing items were in my hands (thank you Amazon!!!). Now to brave the experience….

To start off, I added 2″ of water into a regular sized saucepan and let it start boiling. I dropped the little container of wax in and waited about 15 minutes for it to melt into a thin consistency. I pre-cut 4″ pieces of the cotton strips, and away I went!

I figured I’d start with something easy like my thigh. And guess what…… IT WORKED! I was so freaking excited. I have purchased countless waxing products from Shoppers Drug Mart, only to get it home and not one hair comes off with the wax, so this was a pretty exciting moment. Then I moved on to my armpit, and again, guess what, it worked! Finally, I was feeling brave, so I did my bikini line (I’m heading down to Florida next week!), and again, it worked!

So all in all, this wax worked wonders, it was almost TOO easy to use, and I highly recommend. My only tips would be:

  • Buy some rubber gloves – this got all over my nails and was annoying to get off
  • Buy some baby oil to remove the stubborn wax, or any spills you may have
  • Apply a very thin consistency, if it’s too thick the strip won’t stick to the hair
  • When you stick the strip down, press and rub on the strip a few times to make sure its really stuck down, and if you think you need a few more seconds, just take it, theres no harm in the strip sitting on for longer!

Have you tried waxing at home? What are your tips and tricks!

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!


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