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Coconut Oil Fail: Shampoo/Conditioner Review

This was a huge Winners fail. I love shopping there for my shampoo and conditioner as they usually come in either a two-pack or you can mix-and-match with whichever you like. And the best part is, they are such a good price!

I saw this two-pack of Coconut Oil Natural Oliology Shampoo and Conditioner for $24.99/Cdn, and it smelt amazing! With all the chatter going on about how amazing coconut oil is for absolutely every part of your life, I was sold!


The Shampoo and Conditioner promise to nourish your hair and scalp, restore damage, provide hydration and intense shine using organic coconut oil. There was a few problems with this combo-pack. The Shampoo never lathered, even when I added more shampoo to my hair, it just sorta sat there. I really enjoy intense suds when washing my hair, so this was a fail for me. The Conditioner was alright while in the shower, but it made my hair feel sorta greasy later. After blow drying and straightening my hair, it looks fine, but I’m usually able to get away with day 3 hair, and with this shampoo/conditioner combo I could not.

Unfortunately these bottles are headed to the garbage and I picked up another brand to test out! Stay tuned!

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

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