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Glam Glow My Little Pony Glitter Mask

If you haven’t already heard, or seen all your favourite influencers rocking it… Glam Glow has launched another amazing Glitter Mask! I reviewed their original Glitter Mask back in December (it’s black!), but now, you can get it in hot pink or purple! The Glam Glow team know that everyone wants to be a unicorn, so they’ve blessed us with the Glam Glow My Little Pony Glitter Mask!

Glam Glow My Little Pony Glitter Mask

I have been a fan of Glam Glow for years, trying out many of their masks, including the original Gravity Mud and Super Mud (read that review here!). But when they decided to switch things up and add glitter to their Gravity Mud, I was all for it!!

The Gravity Mud Glitter Mask is a firming treatment that will tighten pores and help with the elasticity of your skin. I like to use this mask on Sunday evenings after a weekend of fun and lots of makeup. I like that it preps my skin for the week ahead, clears my pores, and of course, firms! Also, who wouldn’t want to have a Sunday evening My Little Pony party?!

Glam Glow My Little Pony Glitter Mask

To use the Glam Glow My Little Pony Glitter Mask, I take a massive blob on the little applicator brush provided and slather all over my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. I find if you’re not using enough of this product, it makes it difficult to peel off once it’s dry. So although it’s a tad pricey ($75/Cdn), it’s best used generously. I leave the mask on for about 30 minutes before peeling off, and I can typically peel it off in one go. Which is SO satisfying! One of my favourite things about the mask, besides the amazing colour, is the scent! It smells like coconuts, which makes me feel like I’m on vacation when I use it!

Be sure to check out the new Glam Glow My Little Pony Glitter Mask collection both on Glam Glow’s site and Sephora! In my opinion, it’s their best collab yet, and my favourite mask! Thank you so much to the Glam Glow team for sending this to me to review!

Will you be picking up the new mask?

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

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