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GlamGlow Glitter Mask

I was super fortunate to receive the GlamGlow Glitter Mask in the mail from GlamGlow Canada, and I could NOT wait to try it out. The GlamGlow Glitter Mask is part of the Gravity Mud line, but with a twist! It’s a black coloured mask, but there is a whack of silver glitter and stars in it. I have already reviewed the original Gravity Mud mask from GlamGlow, read it here!

GlamGlow Glitter Mask

My favourite part of the original Gravity Mud mask? The SMELL! It smells like coconut and vacations, and I just love it. The GlamGlow Glitter Mask has the exact same amazing smell, so right off the bat I was excited. As I said with the original, it’s best not to be cheap with this mask when applying to your face. If you don’t apply enough, it won’t peel off correctly. Take a big blob of it, apply all over your face and wait 30 minutes. I love the little card they’ve included with the mask saying what to do while waiting. 1. Watch an episode of your fave show, 2. Have a glitter dance party, or 3. Take some Glitter selfies. I obviously did number 3!

GlamGlow Glitter Mask

The GlamGlow Glitter Mask is a firming treatment, and it really does that! I did 3 makeup looks today for some Instagram selfies, and when I was done, I knew my face needed some TLC. I popped this mask on, it firmed my skin, and made it feel really clear afterwards. The Glitter is, of course, an added plus (and super fun!). It doesn’t necessarily do anything to your skin, as it is suspended in the gel, so it won’t hurt or exfoliate your skin.

This mask is a lot of fun, and I’d recommend getting it over the original GlamGlow Gravity Mud mask. Although, that one is metallic silver and is a lot of fun too! I know this mask is really going deep into my pores to clear out any extra makeup, and its toning and firming my skin. I would highly recommend! You can pick this up at for $79/Cdn.

Have you tried the GlamGlow Glitter Mask? Or any of the Glam Glow masks? Tell me about your experience, and which I should try next!

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