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GlamGlow Skincare

Hey y’all! I am excited to share some new skincare that I’ve been enjoying over the past 2 months. GlamGlow Skincare has made some of my favourite masks (Hello, SuperMud & Glitter Mask!). So when they shared these new products with me, I could not wait to test them out!

The 4 products that GlamGlow sent me were: the SuperToner, SuperSerum, and two masks, EyeBoost and GlowLace!

The GlamGlow Skincare SuperToner is a dark grey liquid with charcoal listed in the ingredients. This toner features a faint scent of black licorice, so I was expecting not to enjoy it. Well, I was WRONG! This toner goes deep in my skin, clears it, provides a clean tingle, and leaves my skin feeling extra smooth. I’ve tried many toners over the years and honestly could not figure out why I was still using them. Nothing I’ve ever tried has felt this good before. This toner has my stamp of approval, and I will 100% be repurchasing! It retails for $54/Cdn at

GlamGlow Skincare

Next up is the SuperSerum. It’s a lightweight, bright purple serum that I’ve been using before bedtime a few nights a week. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and plumped up in the morning. The product promises to help with cell production and offers anti-aging properties, which is awesome (and I hope is happening!). It’s a really nice product, but I’m not necessarily in love with it. The serum also features the licorice scent but is a little stronger than the toner. You can find it at for $82/Cdn.

GlamGlow Skincare

Lastly, the two sheet masks! I’ve been so used to trying out the clay/mud masks from GlamGlow, I never even thought about them having sheet masks! GlamGlow is a company that always outdoes itself with interesting products, and these masks did not disappoint. They look like something out of 50 Shades of Grey! The EyeBoost mask features a reflective silver almost sequin-like look to it. I loved the way this felt around my eyes, super hydrating, however, it didn’t fit my face properly. My eyes could barely fit through the holes! Maybe I have a big face? Doesn’t matter though, the product is great! Check it out on for $10/Cdn.

The GlowLace is another interesting product. Typically sheet masks are a boring white paper look. The GlowLace features a really pretty silver floral pattern! Again, this was a really hydrating mask that I enjoyed wearing, and this one fit me better! It’s perfect for a lazy Sunday night to pack the moisture in. It retails for $13/Cdn at Sephora.

Overall, my go-to for the four products would be the GlamGlow Skincare SuperToner. It’s given my skin the extra boost of cleanliness that I crave at the end of a busy day or workout. All of these are really great, so if you’re looking to expand your skincare routine, definitely take a look at GlamGlow products. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

A HUGE thank you to GlamGlow for sharing these with me. The products were sent to me, but my opinions are my own.

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

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