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Lush Lettuce Mask: Product Review

Who doesn’t love a good face mask? It’s a fun way to relax at the end of a long day, or a great way to recharge your skin for the start of a new week (I love to do masks on Sunday nights!) I’ve tried a few of Lush’s Fresh Face Masks before, and they’ve all been great (except for Cosmetic Warrior – it smelt like garlic!). These masks are really fun, and they feel luxurious because they are fresh and you have to keep them in fridge. They retail for about $7-12/Cdn.


I went into the Queen Street Lush store in Toronto last week looking for a new mask to try, and the girl working suggested Love Lettuce ($7.95/Cdn). Love Lettuce is perfect for exfoliating and giving your skin a deep clean. The ground almonds in it exfoliate the dead skin clogging your pores, and will wash away oil and debris! It also features French lavender oil, seaweed, honey, and clay to help tighten your pores!


To apply, I first removed my makeup with a wet wipe, and then washed my face with my daily cleanser. I’ve been using this IT Cosmetics Foundation Brush to apply the mask on my face, and I really like the way it distributes the product, doesn’t get my hands dirty, and is easy to rinse off after.


I leave the mask on for about 10 minutes and then splash water on my face. It turns the clay into a really nice exfoliant and I rub it in to my face before rinsing the entire thing off.

My skin feels really nice and fresh afterwards. I can tell it deep cleaned my pores, and it gives your face that kinda tight, clean feeling afterwards, which I like. I follow up with my night cream and I’m off to bed!


Which face mask is your favourite? What should I try next!

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