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Hell Pore Cleanup Mask: Product Review

It seems like every time I scroll through Instagram or Facebook, I see people peeling a black mask off their faces. Some people are screaming because it hurts so much, and others are satisfied with the amount of gunk that was pulled out of their pores… Well, I wanted in on the action, so I ordered one!

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In one of the beauty groups I’m in, a girl posted this Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell Pore Cleanup Mask (weird name, I know!). She mentioned that it was super painful to remove, but it really worked. I looked it up on and it was only $13.50/Cdn with free shipping, so I placed an order. It arrived within two weeks and I was excited to test it out!

The box says that the mask contains 4% charcoal (hence the colour) which can help to clean pores, remove impurities, and also shrink your pores. I saw a lot of people applying this to their entire face, and when they ripped it off, they would be crying because it hurt so much. The reason for that is, they’re applying it to their cheeks, which have little baby hairs/peach fuzz, and basically waxing their face off. I decided to stick to my nose and chin, and I rubbed the excess from my fingers to my forehead. These are all safe places, versus cheeks that have fine peach fuzz.

The mask applied very easily, and was comfortable while on. It smelt a bit like alcohol at first, which is the third listed ingredient, so I’m not surprised. I was able to peel each section off in one go (so satisfying!), as you can see in the picture above. Removal did not hurt at all, so I think I made the right decision applying to these areas and not the cheeks.


I wasn’t overly impressed to be honest. I believe the mask peeled off some dry skin, but I really wanted to see stuff removed from my pores. My skin has been looking really amazing lately, so I don’t entirely blame the mask, as I really don’t think there was much to remove in the first place. All in all, it made my face soft and smooth, so trying it out wasn’t a bad thing. But I will definitely apply it again in a few weeks if I feel like my skin has some gunk to remove.

Whats your go-to face mask?

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!





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