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Her Majesty’s Pleasure: Salon Review

I’ve had a gift card for Her Majesty’s Pleasure sitting in my wallet since last Christmas (like, December 2015). It’s down the street from my office and I pass it literally every single day, but I continued to put off going. My regular nail lady was on vacation, so I figured what the hell – treat yo’ self!

Her Majesty’s Pleasure markets itself as “salon/spa and cocktail bar… Elegantly designed beauty bars offer sensory beauty services while charming bartenders serve creative cocktails, champagne and sweets.” It features gorgeous white decor, an amazing bar with any cocktail you could dream up, and hundreds of polish colours to choose from!

The salon offers mani/pedis, waxing, facials, spray tans, massages, blow-outs and more! And with the beautiful aesthetic, Her Majesty’s Pleasure is the perfect destination for a girl’s day. 

I started my visit with a latte at the bar while waiting for my esthetician to take me over to the manicure table. I have been getting a shellac mani for about 6 months now, so wanted to continue with that. I took my previous shellac off at home as it was a whopping $10 for them to remove it, and I was not paying for that. They had atleast 50 different shellac shades to choose from, and I chose a fun light lilac colour.

The thing I noticed right away was that they didnt soak your hands to remove cuticles. She simply applied a gel and let it soak in for about a minute and then cut them. While this may add to the “minimalist” aesthetic of the salon, I didn’t think it gave me the best looking manicure and prefer to have as much dead skin removed as possible. She did a great job at applying the polish and shaping the nails, but something in my head told me the polish wasn’t going to last very long. As I said, I’ve been shellacing for the better part of a year now, and I usually go around 15-20 days between a new set… this manicure started to chip on day 4, and I was at a different salon getting a full new manicure by day 10. So, was pretty bummed out, especially for the price ($48/Cdn)!

All in all, the visit was entertaining and fun. I think the atmosphere is gorgeous, it’s exciting to have a cocktail while getting your nails done, and would be the perfect place to host a bachelorette party or girls day. I am not sure if it’s just their shellac, but I would be interested in trying one of their many other services!

Have you tried Her Majesty’s Pleasure? Tell me in the comments!

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