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H&M Beauty Face Masks: Product Review

Surprise, surprise! Another mask post (I actually have more mask posts coming too…) Lately I’ve just been super into masks, and I’m enjoying trying them all!

I was at the H&M at the Eatons Centre last week, when these bright coloured bubbles caught my eye, and I had to take a peek. They were face masks, with about 20 to choose from, in all different colours, flavours and benefits! For only $4.99/Cdn, I thought what the hell, let’s give it a whirl!


The two I chose were a Self-Warming Mask with a Kiwi & Watermelon scent, and a Purifying Peel-Off Mask with a Spearmint & Echinacea scent. Unfortunately the yellow one mysteriously exploded on my counter, and I couldn’t use it, but it smelt really nice when I was cleaning it up (LOL). The green one I did get to use, you open it up by peeling the back off, and I dipped in my IT Cosmetics Paddle Brush and covered my face with the gel substance. It smelt like I was smearing toothpaste all over my skin, and stung a little, I wasn’t overly impressed. I kept it on for about 30 minutes before peeling it off, it came off in one big piece which was satisfying, but I don’t think it really took anything from my pores with it.

Overall, I’d say don’t bother with these. They are definitely not up to par for a 26 year old who wears a lot of makeup! Maybe if you’re buying them as something to accompany a gift or for a teenager, great! But not for adult skincare needs.

Have you tried anything from H&M’s beauty section? Tell me in the comments!

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