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Is Arbonne Life-changing?

You know when you’ve never heard of something before, and then once someone tells you about it, you see it everywhere? That’s how I came to hear about the brand Arbonne. A lady from work told me she was selling products from Arbonne, and they had changed her life, and I’d never even heard of it before! I actually had to get her to spell it out for me, because I had no idea what it was. I then told my mom, who said she had a friend, and same thing, the products changed her life. So I was a tad bit curious when I was asked by a follower on Twitter if I’d like to try some samples!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Arbonne is a Swiss ultra-premium brand and the products are botanically based, Vegan Certified, pH correct, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Certified Gluten-Free, Kosher Certified, Drug Free and Cruelty-Free. You can browse their products on

The cutest little tubes of Arbonne products came in the mail a few days later, and I couldn’t wait to see if they would change my life, like they had everyone elses! My rep, Maimie Yelland, began by asking me some questions about my type of skin, which is normal/combination, and she selected the FC5 Skincare program for me! The FC5 line helps to protect your skin, while revitalizing and hydrating, and preserving freshness. Theres also added benefit of UVA and UVB protection, and pauses the signs of aging. The FC5 means 5 fresh cell benefits, and those include kiwi (for anti-oxidants), strawberry (for purifying and toning), carrots (for soothing), mango (for nurturing) and pumpkin (for moisturizing)! The following products were part of the FC5 line:


Hydrating Cleanser and Freshener: I noticed right away that this had a really nice citrus scent, and after researching, am not surprised because of the above ingredients. I really enjoyed the way this smelt. I do wish the cleanser would lather a bit more, but overall think it did a nice job at washing my face, it felt nice and fresh afterwards.

Nurturing Day Lotion SPF 20: This also smelt really nice. It hydrated my face nicely to prep for makeup, and it sunk into the skin quickly. I also really like the added benefit of an SPF in my day cream.

Hydrating Eye Cream: This eye cream actually tingled  bit on my under eyes. I’m not too sure if that was what its supposed to do or not, as my regular eye cream has never done that. But this did feel super hydrating on my skin, and the next morning my undereyes looked really smooth.

Moisturizing Night Creme: This was my favourite out of the program. It smelt nice like the rest of the products, and it felt really thick and hydrating, which I like in a night cream. The thing I noticed most about this creme, was my skin still felt moisturized in the morning, like the creme was still working into the skin. I would recommend this night creme if you want something really moisturizing!

Makeup Primer: Maimie also included a sample of their makeup primer, and I was really excited to try this. It was a bit too silicone-y for me, as I prefer really hydrating primers, and ones that hide your pores. But if you’re a fan of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, you’ll love this, I would even consider it a dupe for it. This primer did do a great job at keeping my makeup on really well throughout the day though.

Overall, my favourite product was the Moisturizing Night Creme. It was really nice on my skin, and felt extra hydrating in the morning. If you’re looking to try a new brand that has everyone and their mother backing it up, definitely take a look around the Arbonne site for something to try. If you need any help, or are ready to make an order, you can contact Maimie at the information below!

Maimie Yelland

Have you tried any Arbonne products? Tell me in the comments!

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