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Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

To say that June was the busiest month of my year is an understatement! With two weddings, a shower and a bachelorette, I wanted to look my best at every event. A spray tan can cost upwards for $70 and then falls off in just a few days. It’s also sticky, smelly, and you have to organize an appointment that suits your busy schedule! Enter Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops. 

Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Before ordering the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops, I watched a few tutorials online and most people recommended ordering the dark shade. I can handle a tan, so I went with the darkest (purple). These drops range from light (pink), to medium (turquoise), to dark (purple), so pick which shade you’re most comfortable with. However, purple would be my recommendation.

To apply, simply mix a few drops in with your normal body lotion. For a darker look, apply more drops, I used about 10 for each body part. I like to prep my skin by shaving my legs in the shower, and then applying immediately after drying my body. I used my current body lotion from Scentuals Skincare and went body part by body part. It was easiest to start with my arms, then move to my chest and neck. Next up I would do one leg at a time. Some helpful tips:

  1. Feet: The first time I applied, I just did the tops of my feet & the contrast was insane. Make sure to apply down your foot to look more natural.
  2. Fingers/Hands: I’ve always had a difficult time with my hands when tanning. You either wash them and have pale hands, or don’t wash properly and have orange knuckles for a week. My best advice is to wash the palms of your hands and around your finger nails as best as you can. Try not to let the water drip along the backside of your hands or else you’ll have streaks.
  3. Face/Hairline: I only tried this once on my face, and it did an incredible job. I usually apply sunscreen and try to keep my face out of the sun, I figure foundation + bronzer will do the trick. But if you’re looking to have a tanned face, apply the drops with your favourite face moisturizer and ensure you rub into your hairline. As you can see below I am missing a few spots on the top left!
  4. Armpits: I hate when the underside of my arm is pale so I always try to tan my entire arms, including armpits. Make sure you rub thoroughly under your arms to ensure your pits are the same colour as your arms.

The Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops can be found at Sephora and for $38/Cdn. I got these about a month ago, and have used probably 5 times and around 1/5th of the bottle is used. I’d say an entire bottle will last 25+ uses, so you’re looking at just over a $1 per tan.

Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Overall, Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops are an awesome product and I highly recommend. It doesn’t have that normal self tanner smell and it goes on clear so it won’t stain your sheets. I love that I can apply before bed and wake up feeling my best. This is a product that I know I will continue using all year long. I can’t wait to have a natural tan come cold January!

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

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