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Kat Von D Beauty Saint & Sinner Perfume: Product Review

This is kind of an exciting post as it’s my first time reviewing a perfume, and my first review of anything from Kat Von D Beauty. I’ve been a fan of Kat Von D for years, watching her on TLC’s Miami Ink and LA Ink. She’s an extremely talented tattoo artist and have enjoyed watching her on both TV and social media. When she launched her makeup line a few years ago, it was a no brainer as she is such a talented artist. However, I have yet to try anything, not that I haven’t been eyeing a few things 😏

I received these mini bottles from Influenster to test of the two Kat Von D fragrances Saint (white) and Sinner (black). These perfumes launched back in 2009, and apparently fans were begging for them to come back, so Kat decided to relaunch them. The bottles of the actual perfumes, not my minis, were hand-drawn by Kat and actualized into the perfume bottle of her dreams (I told you she’s talented!). I will say, I’m super impressed by the two samples bottles that Influenster sent, much nicer quality than a normal perfume sample!!

I figured I would like the Saint (white) fragrance the best as it would probably be light and florally, but turns out I like the Sinner (black) one better. The Saint perfume has notes of vanilla, musk and jasmine, while the Sinner has wood, cinnamon and patchouli. The scents are very similar, but the Saint is a bit sweeter and reminds me a lot of Prada Candy, while the Sinner is a bit less intense and natural smelling.

The packaging is really pretty, and I’m glad that super fans got their beloved fragrance back, but unfortunately this perfume just isn’t for me! I like light floral scents, and these are a bit too heavy for me. You can purchase a bottle of Sinner or Saint from the Kat Von D Beauty site or for $88/Cdn/each.

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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