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Lightweight “Foundation” Routine

Hi friends! It’s been a hottttt minute since I’ve been able to blog! I was travelling for work, then travelling for a girlfriend’s Bachelorette party, and then I got the flu! Was quite the wild couple of days, but now I’m home and ready to get back to it.

With all the madness going on lately, I’ve been feeling kind of lazy putting on a full face of makeup, especially for work. Typically during the week, I like to hit up a spin class after work, and I was finding that removing my foundation before class was becoming a pain, so wanted to find an easy solution. I have always had really clear skin, with the odd blemish, but was addicted to a full face! I wanted to be able to highlight my naturally great skin, and one morning I was too tired to put in a big effort, and voila, a new, lighter face routine was born!!

I picked up the Becca Backlight Filter Face Primer ($46/Cdn) when I got my makeup done for my birthday, and at first I wasn’t sure if it was really worth the money. It makes your skin very glowy, which I love, but under my Estee Lauder foundation, it breaks the foundation up a bit, which is not good at all. When I decided to try the “no makeup” makeup look, the first thing I wanted was glowy skin. I always felt like foundation was necessary because the rest of your makeup needed to “stick” to something, so without a base, how would my bronzer stay on? But the Becca Primer is doing a magnificent job in laying down a base for the rest of my routine.

After I apply the Becca Primer, I add Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer  ($31/Cdn) in Light under my eyes, and Light-Medium to any blemishes on my face and blend with a Beauty Blender ($28/Cdn)! I then set the my undereyes with a translucent powder, and finish up the rest of my face with bronzer, blush, highlighter, my eyes, and I’m out the door!

This routine gives me the brightness under my eyes that I love, all while being super light weight, and letting my natural skin show through! I absolutely love it, it’s easy to remove before the gym, and cuts time on my morning routine.

What beauty hacks make your routine easier? Tell me in the comments!

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

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