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L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation: Product Review

Let me just start this product review off by saying: I [typically] hate drugstore foundations. They never have any good colours, they’re either too yellow or too pink, they fade off your face or they make you oily – they are usually terrible. The worst one of all time was the L’Oreal True Match, which I tried a few years ago, and by  the time lunch rolled around my face was wet with grease, and I’m not an oily person!


About 8 months ago I kept seeing everybody online using the L’Oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte Foundation. I was super curious to try it out as I love matte foundations. I liked this foundation, but didn’t love it. I thought it looked nice on my skin,  but wasn’t totally matte on me. It worked well for being from the drugstore, however, it didn’t blow my mind, and I haven’t picked up another tube. Flash forward to about 6 weeks ago, I begin to see the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation everywhere, and because it’s a “glow” foundation, I was seriously skeptical.

I could not find this foundation at all in Canada, so I’m not sure if it hasn’t arrived yet, or I am not looking hard enough… So while in Florida last month, I picked up the shade 204 Natural Buff. I think it was about $15/US at CVS, which is about $21/CDN for the Pro-Matte in Canada (which is a bit ridiculous for drugstore, am I right?).


I like to put a blob of this on the back of my hand, it’s a bit runny, but once I dab it all over my face it doesn’t run. It blends in smoothly with a flat top kabuki brush or a beauty blender, and I’ve got to say, I love this foundation! I was scared that because it’s a glowy foundation that it would make me very oily, but it doesn’t do that at all. It says this is for dry skin, and I don’t think my skin is dry at all, but this sits really nicely on my skin, doesn’t rub off, and certainly isn’t oily! And as an added bonus, theres an SPF in it! I even really like the packaging as it’s easy to get the product out, and once it’s on it’s last days, I’ll be able to squeeze every drop out.


I really like this foundation, it’s the best drugstore foundation I’ve tried in years, and I would definitely recommend anyone gives it a try! Hopefully it comes to Canada as I’ve been using this very frequently and will want to pick up another tube. What’s your favourite drugstore foundation? Tell me below in the comments!

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