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Mac Cosmetic’s Back To Mac Program

Have you heard of Mac Cosmetic’s Back to Mac Program? Back to Mac is an amazing offer where you can take 6 of your empties back to the Mac store, and receive a FREE eyeshadow, lipstick or lipgloss! I have collected Mac empties for years, and it is so satisfying to finish a product, but even more satisfying to take in your 6 empties for a freebie! A few weeks ago I realized that I’m a hoarder, and I had 18 empties! Let’s run through everything I took Back to Mac, and of course, my 3 FREE new products!

Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 ($27/Cdn) – I was so excited to purchase this concealer, I’d seen it buzzing around YouTube for years, and finally decided to purchase it. The day I got it, it rolled off the counter and smashed. I did go buy another one, and it is a good concealer, the packaging on it just isn’t good enough, and I won’t repurchase this. There’s so many great concealers on the market, read about some of my favourites here!

Mac eyeshadows

Eyeshadows (from L-R, T-B)- Red Brick, Texture, Amber Lights, Copperplate, Print, Star Violet, Fresh Water. The secret to finishing these is… buy an empty Mac eyeshadow palette, and fill it up with your favourite shadows. I take my hair straightener to the bottom of the plastic pots, pop out the shadow and place in my palette. Then the plastic pot goes back to Mac as an empty!

Always Sunny Pro Longwear Eyeshadow ($21/Cdn) – This eyeshadow isn’t even on their website, I believe it’s discontinued. I got this for free at a makeup sale I went to, so I’m assuming thats why it was free! I used it every. single. day. for about 2 years, and loved it so much! It’s the perfect natural brown transition shade for everyday wear, and I’d happily repurchase if it was available!

Mac eyeshadows

Persona, Screen Vinyl Eyeshadow – I can remember buying this in grade 11 on Halloween, I got my makeup done at the Mac store, and I guess the girl talked me into buying this so that I could do my own smokey eye at home (haha!). It’s not the best quality and definitely not the best colour, so this actually went back to mac semi-full.

Mac Passionately Red Viva Glam 3 – I’m not even sure how much this was, it was definitely part of a Christmas set from years, and years ago! I don’t particularly love these lip sets as you need a lip brush to apply, but the colours are super pretty!

Mac Lipsticks

Creme Cup & Pure Zen Cremesheen Lipsticks ($22/Cdn) – I have had a few of both of these shades! One is more of a peachy pink (Creme Cup), while Pure Zen is more of a baby pink shade. They’re both really pretty and flattering colours on me, and I’d definitely get a new one!

Full Speed Sheen Supreme Lipstick – This is another discontinued item, but I really loved this lipstick! It’s a sheer bright coral colour that was very comfortable on the lips. I would love to get another one of these if they made them again!

Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss ($24/Cdn) – This tubes sticker has fallen off, so I honestly cannot tell you the shade, but after doing some googling it might be called “Galaxy Rose”. I really really like these glosses, and would definitely get another one!

Mac Lipgloss

Lip Glass in Pink Nouveau, Pink Poodle and Venetian ($21/Cdn) – The Lip Glass’ are a CLASSIC Mac product in my opinion. I can’t tell you how many Pink Poodles I’ve been through over the years, but I see that it is now also discontinued! If you’re looking for a pigmented lipgloss, any of the Lip Glass’ are amazing options!

Mac lipgloss and lipstick

I was able to pick up these 3 gorgeous pinks from the Mac Cosmetic’s Back to Mac Program! By returning in all 18 products, I picked out Cremecup Lipstick, and two Lip Glass‘ in the shades Cultured and Lust. I am loving all three of these, but Lust in particular has been my favourite! Lipgloss has really been back on my radar the past few months, so am thrilled to have these in my collection!

So, what did I learn when I found 18 empty products that were eligible for the Mac Cosmetic’s Back to Mac Program? I learned that I need to stop being a hoarder! I finally took them in, and I got three beautiful new lip products that I’ve been LOVING, and could have been loving even sooner!

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

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