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Make Up Organization!

Lately my makeup storage has been out of control! I try so hard to stay organized, throw out old makeup and put everything back in it’s place, but the more you buy, the more you need to organize. Last year I bought two of the acrylic lipstick holders from Storage Solutions ($11/Cdn) but unless the product is similar size to a traditional lipstick, it doesn’t fit properly or falls over! It’s been driving me crazy! Enter my good friend, Target


While I was in Florida last month, I had to get to a Target as we’re missing them here in Canada. When I walked in, I always browse through the cheap dollar section at the front, I found these adorable little holders for $1 each! They’re made of metal and came in a variety of colours. They’re perfect for holding lip glosses and lipliners, and are keeping my collection much more organized than before!


What are your favourite make up organization tips?

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