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Mask Monday: Product Review

Trying out new masks is always something that gets me excited. They’re the perfect way to relax and end your day, and it’s always a great way to treat your skin. I love going into Sephora and getting samples of the different masks, but I also love finding good drug store branded masks too. From sheet masks, to clay masks, I’ll try them all, please!


Simpli Mandi contacted me on Instagram to try her handmade skincare products that are natural, organic, vegan, chemical free and fragrance free! I was so excited when she offered to send me her Mermaid Treat Mask (duh, I LOVE mermaids!), Honey Butter Mask, and Brighten Up Serum. The three products arrived in the mail a few weeks later, and I was excited to test them out!


First up was the Honey Butter Gentle Mask and Exfoliator. This mask couldn’t have arrived at a better time. If you read my review of the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, you’d know I’ve been fighting off some acne for the past three weeks. The Honey Butter Mask ingredients list includes raw honey, clay, sandalwood powder, shea butter, walnut shell powder and rose hip oil, among a few other ingredients. The raw honey gives this mask a wonderful smell, while the sandalwood powder helps fight acne, and rose hip oil is one of my fave ingredients. The best ingredient though is the walnut shell powder! After leaving this mask on for about 15 minutes, I splashed warm water on my face, and this turned into a gentle exfoliant which left my skin feeling amazing! You can purchase this off her website here for $15/US for 2-oz. This mask is quite thick, so will last you awhile!


Next up is the Brighten Up! Rose Hip Seed Oil and Tamanu Skin Brightening Serum, which I can only describe as: smelled like sunshine. It was a lovely, hydrating serum that I enjoyed putting on my face after the two masks. After combating my skin from the UD Foundation, I found some areas were very dry, so this helped hydrate. I also tried this serum on my elbows and cuticles, and it worked great to hydrate those areas as well! I liked to dab this all over my face and then rub it all in. You can buy Brighten Up! here for $15/US for 1-oz!


Save the best for last! The Mermaid Treat Seaweed and Coconut Milk Mask was my favourite of the three products. This one worked best by dumping about 2 tbsp of powder into my hand and working in a few ounces of warm water. I spread this over my entire face, and waited about 20 minutes for it to fully dry. This mask smelt lovely like oatmeal and coconut, I really enjoyed it! It also gently exfoliated my face when removing with warm water, leaving my face with soft clean skin! You can purchase Mermaid Treat here or $15/US for 4-oz!

I really enjoyed testing these out, and will continue to use them! My #1 pick to try out would be the Mermaid Treat Mask as it feels really nice on the skin, and it smells lovely! Just from looking at Mandi’s website, you can tell that everything was made with love, and its really nice to see these natural beauty products being made by hand!

Go check Simpli Mandi out today! You can find her online at her website:, on Instagram @simpli_mandi, and Twitter @simpli_mandi.

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