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New Summer 2017 Hard Candy Makeup: Product Review

A few weeks ago the lovely ladies behind Hard Candy sent me a bunch of their new Spring/Summer 2017 product line to test out. I was so excited when I got home from work one afternoon and had a package waiting for me! This was my first experience with Hard Candy, which is an affordable “drugstore” brand of makeup sold exclusively at Walmart and The problem with living right downtown Toronto is that I get to a Walmart once in a blue moon, so I was so excited to try these products out as I can’t browse these at my local drugstore.

The team very generously sent over the Sheer Envy Bake, Brighten & Set Loose Finishing Powder, Sheer Envy Prismatic Highlighter Rainbow Pearl Powder, Sheer Envy Colour Correct Perfecting Powder, Sheer Envy Colour Correct Cushion Wonder (in green), Look Pro! Metal Eyes Chrome Eyeshadow Kit, Stroke of Gorgeous Kajal Supreme Eyeliner Duo (in black), Wet Ever Bold Hold Lip Lacquer (in Temptress), and the Lip Artiste Lip Contouring Wand (in Plum to Berry).

Starting with the face products, I have been wanting to try out a green colour corrector, especially when I have a breakout, but kept putting off buying one as I didn’t know what to look for. When the Sheer Envy Colour Correct Cushion Wonder ($6.98/Cdn) arrived in the mail, I was really excited to give it a whirl. You simply squeeze the tube and dab it on any redness, and blend out with your finger. This product is SERIOUSLY pigmented, it comes out a very bold colour, and if you don’t blend it out properly, can be very hard to cover up. I liked the concept of  the squeeze tube, and think if you have serious redness this could be great for you. I don’t personally have a ton of redness, but will use this when needed!

The Sheer Envy Colour Correct Perfecting Powder ($7.98/Cdn), a multi-coloured face powder, is another product I have never tried before, but I always found interesting. This one in particular I found too pale for my foundation, and I ended up having to add a ton of bronzer to get some life back into my face.

The Sheer Envy Bake, Brighten & Set Loose Finishing Powder ($6.98/Cdn) is by far my favourite product they sent over. It is a lovely banana coloured powder which I have been specifically using for baking (and really loving!) After applying my favourite concealer, I then dab a wet sponge into the powder and press under my eyes. Once you wipe the powder away, this product doesn’t provide flashback, and sets your under eyes all day. It’s also under $7 and features a screw on lid (perfect for travelling!)

I found the Sheer Envy Prismatic Highlighter Rainbow Pearl Powder ($7.98/Cdn) to be a bit chalky, but the colour of it is truly beautiful and unlike anything in my collection. I think this will be fun to play with in the summer when I look extremely bronzey, I just wish it was a bit more pigmented.

Next up for eyes, I received the Stroke of Gorgeous Kajal Supreme Eyeliner Duo ($7.98/Cdn). This is a very interesting product as it’s a double sided eyeliner with a felt-tip pen and a soft pencil side. Unfortunately I’m not much of a felt-tip or pencil eyeliner lover as I love a liquid liner with a brush, but these both worked well (although I feel like I cannot do a felt-tip wing if my life depended on it). But if you’re into either of those, this would be a great option to pick up!

The Look Pro! Metal Eyes Chrome Eyeshadow Kit looked really interesting to me as it came with 4 metallic eyeshadows, a mixing liquid and little dish to mix with, a double sided eyeshadow brush and a mini eyeliner pencil! This retails for $8.98/Cdn, and is a fantastic price for the amount of product you are getting. The double sided brush is awesome, one side is for packing colour on the lid, while the other is a smaller pencil brush (I used for the lower lash line!). The two bronze-y brown colours are very similar, but I used one on my lid and one in the crease and lower lash line, with just a dab of gold in the centre of my lid. Once you dab with the mixing liquid, the colours were much more intense and provided really great colour pay off! I thoroughly enjoyed this little set, and would recommend.

Lastly they sent me two lip products. The Lip Artiste Lip Contouring Wand in Plum to Berry ($7.98/Cdn) is a double sided product with a lipliner on one end, and a highlighting cream product on the other. The pencil side glided on very smoothly, but the highlighting side was quite textured and felt a bit odd on the lips. I did like the colour that the highlighting side came in though (see the selfies below for the way the lip colour changed!)

The Wet Ever Bold Hold Lip Lacquer ($7.98/Cdn) was a really unique lip product as it was super pigmented like a liquid lipstick, but very glossy. I liked the way this applied, however, it did start to settle into small fine lines unlike any lip product ever has on me before (even though I used the liner!!). I really wanted to like this product, but the running of the product into lines kind of turned me off.

All in all, I was so happy to be able to test these products out that Hard Candy sent to me. My favourites were the Sheer Envy Bake, Brighten & Set Loose Finishing Powder and the Look Pro! Metal Eyes Chrome Eyeshadow Kit. I wish the Lip Laquer didn’t sink into lines because I’d be rocking this colour all Fall long.

Big thank you to EGPR for sending these products over to me! You can find everything listed here on

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