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NYX Pro Foundation Mixer

I’ve realized this past winter that I tend to buy more makeup in the summer. Maybe I’m just loving all the summer packaging that companies put out, but I wind up with a ton of products that I, of course, want to use into the winter. Enter the problem: my foundations are too dark for the winter months, and I’ve spent all this money on them. Enter the solution: the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer.

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer

The NYX Pro Foundation Mixer is a liquid foundation that tints your foundation to better match your skin. Mine is in the colour “white” so it’s going to keep the tone of the foundations that I’ve purchased already, but just lighten the colour to match my pale winter skin. I like to put my foundation on my hand, and then mix in a little of the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer and blend out the shades together. If I need a little more white, I’ll add it, or if I need to darken, I’ll add a touch more foundation to it. It’s super easy!

I also love that the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer doesn’t affect the quality of the foundation. It doesn’t make me greasy, sheer out the coverage, or wear down the foundation over the day.

It comes in 6 shades so that you can lighten, darken, add warmth, pink, yellow or olive tones. I highly recommend this product to anyone since there is the opportunity to change in 6 ways! The NYX Pro Foundation Mixer retails for $10/Cdn, which is an amazing steal, rather than buying all new foundations over the winter!

Have you tried the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer before? Tell me in the comments!

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