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Scentuals Skincare

Hands up if you like trying new skincare! Meee! I was really excited when Scentuals Skincare reached out to me as they’re 100% Canadian and made with all natural ingredients. They sent me an amazing care package, and I’ve been trying out all their different products over the past few weeks.

Scentuals Skincare

I have heard so much about rosehip oil over the past few years, but I’ve actually never seen it in a store to test it out or purchase it in person. So, you can imagine my excitement when it came in the package from Scentuals Skincare. Their Rosehip Beauty Oil ($29.95/Cdn) promises to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, which it definitely did! The only problem was, I found it too heavy for my skin and did not enjoy the way it sat on my face. I tried it a few times, using less product each time, but still felt the same way. I don’t think this is a problem with Scentuals’ products though, just that facial oils probably aren’t my thing.

Scentuals Skincare

While I didn’t love the rosehip oil for my face… I have still been using it. I received the Vanilla Tangerine Hand & Body Lotion ($14.95/Cdn), and to give myself an extra boost, I’ve been mixing in a few drops of the oil into it. I just recently got home from a week in Florida, and normally my skin peels pretty quickly, this time I was determined for that not to happen. Instead, I have been lathering up my entire body with this combination and my tan is holding up well. This body lotion is vanilla tangerine scented, and I CANNOT get enough of it. It smells insanely delicious and I highly recommend it!

The Scentuals Skincare Lip Conditioner‘s ($5.95/Cdn) have also been a dream. The vanilla tangerine is such a nice scent, I love applying it a few times a day & keep it at my desk. The peppermint twist is great too, but I have a few other peppermint lip products, so I love the vanilla tangerine one more. These are all natural with cocoa and shea butters that really nourish my lips.

Scentuals Skincare

Last but certainly not least, are the Aromatherapy Roll-ons ($15.95/Cdn). I’m brand new to aromatherapy, so these were really exciting for me to try. I received “Balance” and “De-Stress”. Work and life, in general, has been pretty crazy lately, so I welcome anything that wants to balance and de-stress my life. I love the idea that these just roll on and get to work adjusting your mood. Both of them have a citrusy scent to them, “Balance” features sweet orange and juniper berry, while “De-Stress” has citrus and lavender. They’re both really great, and I like to keep at my desk at work for a quick mood boost.

So, what would I recommend? My top picks are the Vanilla Tangerine Hand & Body Lotion and any of the Aromatherapy Roll-ons. The lotion scent is so delicious and my skin has felt really hydrated since using it! The roll-ons get to work quickly, smell great and are easy to use.

Thank you to Scentuals Skincare for sending my way!

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

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