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SensatioNail Pedicure

Let me start this off by saying I get a pedicure like clockwork every 3 weeks, and my shellac manicure every other week. I love having nails that look their best, it makes me feel put together! That being said, I haven’t painted either my fingernails or toenails myself in YEARS. One – because I don’t have the patience, two – because I kinda suck at it, and three – because I like the treat.

SensatioNail Pedicure

I was sent the SensatioNail LED Nail Lamp, a few gel polishes, and some other goodies to challenge myself to my first at home pedicure in years! The LED lamp is pretty cool, it comes with a USB cable, turns on automatically when your foot/fingers are placed in it, and turns off automatically when the polish is cured. My only complaint is the size of it, I wish it was even half a cm wider. To put my foot in it was a little snug, and I don’t have big feet! The LED Lamp retails for $13.99/Cdn.

I started by soaking my feet with the Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt in Lavendar before trimming & buffing my nails! I was sent three really cute gel polishes from SensatioNail, which retail for $7.99/Cdn each. A bubblegum pink (Made Him Blush), a mauve pink (Cafe Au Lait), and a periwinkle blue (Seas the Day). I chose Made Him Blush, applied 3 coats, and it looks pretty great! It cured really easily under the lamp.

All in all, the SensatioNail lamp + gel polishes are great if you’re someone that likes to do your nails at home. My problem? I suck at painting! I set out with good intensions that I can do it, and the polish dried properly, but my painting skills need some work. My other problem is, I really enjoy going to get a pedicure, I look at it as a treat to myself, so doing at home was a bit too much work for me. But if at home is your thing, I definitely recommend purchasing from SensatioNail, it’s a great set!

Thank you for sending for me to try!

Iā€™m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!

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