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Smashbox Ablaze Collection

Guyyyyysss!! It’s been WAY too long since I’ve put up a blog post! I’m sorry! It’s been such a busy summer, that I’ve just needed some relaxing time. But I’m back – with some exciting stuff! I was lucky enough to receive the new Smashbox Ablaze Collection from the Smashbox team, and I was SOOO excited to receive this in the mail. Let’s jump in!

Smashbox Ablaze Collection

When you think Smashbox Ablaze Collection, the team want’s you to think “crank the heat!” and I couldn’t agree more! The shades scream blazin’ beauty and I was so so excited to dive in and see what I could come up with!

First up, the Ablaze Face Palette! I was SOOO excited about this. I have the previous version, the Cali Contour Palette, which I love, so I was eager to test this baby out. The coral blushes, highlights, and contour shades looked right up my alley. & I was right, these are perfect on me! All 6 shades work with my skintone, and I love this palette so much. The only thing that the Cali Contour has that this one doesn’t, is an undereye shade for setting colour. But overall, I’m obsessed with it and I know it’ll be a staple in my makeout routine for the next year! This palette retails for $49/Cdn.

Smashbox makes some of the best damn shimmer shadows I’ve ever seen! So when I saw this mix of mattes and shimmers in the Ablaze Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette, I knew it would be a staple for me this Fall. I also LOVE corals and peaches, so these oranges and burgundy were calling my name. I tried out a few different looks, below, and loved each of them. What I like most about the palette is that it’s pretty versatile! Even though it looks a bit dramatic, I had no problem wearing a few of the shades to work. This palette retails for $35/Cdn.

Lastly, from the Smashbox Ablaze Collection are the lips! There is the Ablaze Be Legendary Lip Palette (left) and the Always On Metallic Matte Liquid Lipsticks (right). The Palette I decided not to test out and do a future giveaway (stay tuned!), but the Liquid Lipsticks I’ve been diving right into! My favourite is definitely Rust Fund (middle swatch) which is a coral colour & I’ve been wearing non-stop. These liquid lipsticks are packed with so much pigment, it’s not even funny. You must try one! Palette and each Liquid Lipstick retails for $28/Cdn.

That’s it for the new Smashbox Ablaze Collection! It launched this month in Shoppers Drug Mart and, and you should definitely check it out! My favourite piece is the Face Palette, with the Liquid Lipsticks in a close second. I know I’ll be wearing these shades for the rest of Summer and into Fall! Thanks again to Smashbox!

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