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SocialEyes Lashes

Happy (Super Bowl) Sunday, y’all! I am excited to finally put this blog together for all of you.. Back in November, I received a package from SocialEyes Lashes, which I have been interested in trying for awhile! The brand was created by Karissa Pukas, YouTuber and Beauty Guru, who is a fellow Canadian. (woo-hoo!) Now let’s see if I can inspire any of you to put in an order at later today 😉

First off, a huge thank you to Karissa and her team at SocialEyes Lashes for reaching out to me! I am a hugeeee fan of fake lashes & was excited to test these out. They sent over 9 pairs, lash glue and the lash tweezers to adjust them on your eyes. I’m not going to lie, I tried using the tweezers a few times, I really just can’t get the hang of them & prefer to adjust using my fingers or regular tweezers!

These lashes are such great quality and an amazing fit. I never had to trim a single pair to fit my eye, they were just the perfect length right off the bat. The bands were super flexible, easily molded to my eye shape, and never popped off while I was out on the town! One pair, Whiplash, has a pretty thick band, which I thought was going to be a problem on my eyes, but I was seriously surprised! As you can see, they fit perfectly, I’m wearing in the photo below.

Some of my other favourites were Vixen (below left), Sweet Talker (below right), Lush and Desire. All 4 of these are on the “long, obviously-false lash” side of things, but as someone who wears out lashes regularly, that is the look I’m going for. I think they suit me perfectly, and I love a dramatic lash!

This was my first time trying “half lashes” too. I always thought these were a great idea for people with smaller eyes or who were not into the “full lash” look. Unfortunately, I didn’t love the look on myself and prefer a full size lash. But the two below, Tease and Lady, are really great pairs for those who want to try!

All in all, I really loved my experience with SocialEyes Lashes! They’re ethically made and vegan, come at a great price, and there’s a TON of styles to choose from! Each lash is between $5-11/Canadian, which is an amazing price compared to those even in Shoppers Drug Mart, let alone Sephora. I’ve been wearing these lashes non-stop for 2-3 months, they’re re-wearable and the packaging is great for storing them. If you haven’t already, definitely check out SocialEyes Lashes today, I know I’ll be putting in an order soon!

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