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Tool Time: My Favourite Makeup Brushes

Great makeup starts with great tools. Over the past 10 years of being a makeup fanatic, I’ve collected many brushes, and I’m always ready to put them to work. My favourite brush brand is IT Cosmetics, they’re so soft and luxurious, easy to clean and come in every shape and size! But I do have a few other keepers in my collection as well though. Read on to see my list of go-to makeup brushes!

My favourite brush to apply foundation with is the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6. I am completely obsessed with it. It gives a really even coverage and an air brushed look to your skin. It also doesn’t allow for the liquid foundation to seep into the bristles, which ensures you’re not wasting product. Cleaning is also a breeze with this brush, I leave mine sitting in about 1/2″ of makeup remover and then rinse it out. I’ve been using this brush for about two years and I would not hesitate to recommend it! I picked mine up from the Shopping Channel for $48/Cdn.


Top: Powder Brush
Bottom: Flat Top Buffing Brush

I wanted a big, fluffy, soft brush to apply my bronzer with. And once I fell in love with the IT Cosmetics brushes, I went straight to their site to order one. I landed on the Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush #8 ($48/Cdn), and boy was I impressed. It is the softest brush I have ever used, and it is perfect for applying bronzer to your face. It grabs just the right amount of powder without giving yourself bronzer overload.

I was recently a die-hard Nars Ita Brush lover, but I felt like it was giving me too stark of a contour and I wanted to try something lighter. In comes the Sephora Pro Angled Blush Brush #49. It gives such a soft contour on your cheeks, jawline and forehead. It picks up just enough powder and softly blends it out so you aren’t left with a harsh contour. I picked mine up at Sephora (obviously!) for $40/Cdn.

 Top: Angled Blush Brush
Bottom: Buffing Brush

I was in the market for a new blush brush when I recently picked up the Buffing Brush from Ulta. Truthfully, I needed to spend $20 to get the Ulta gift bag, and this brush rang in at $16/US, but I am really glad I purchased it! It’s really dense so it picks up a good amount of powder, which I felt like my other blush brushes weren’t doing. Now my cheeks are perfectly rosy!

I picked up the Nars Yachiyo Brush #27 on a whim because it looked like fun. I’ve used this brush for contouring, blush and most recently highlighting. This was one of the previously mentioned brushes that did not have great colour pay off when used for blush. But I think I’ve found its calling: highlighting! Since it doesn’t pick up too much powder, it does a great job at highlighting the tops of the cheek bones and other areas of my face. I do like this brush, but I wouldn’t put it on the top of your purchase list, it’s a whopping $70/Cdn at Sephora.

Top: Yachiyo Brush
Bottom: Setting Brush

The Real Techniques Setting Brush is a ride or die, I am obsessed with this brush. I got mine at Rexal for only $8/Cdn, and I honestly can’t live without it. I use it to set my under eye concealer and any concealer or primer I put on my eyelids. It picks up a great deal of powder and sets the concealer in place all day. For $8, I’m not sure why I haven’t picked up a few more and found other purposes for this brush!

I couldn’t find the remaining three brushes online – I think I’ve had them forever! This IT Cosmetics eyeshadow brush (silver) is a dream. I use this every single day to lay down a soft brown transition colour on my eyelid. It’s so fluffy and blends out the colour nicely. The Bare Minerals eyeshadow brush (black) is great for adding a bit of a darker shadow on top of a transition colour. It’s a tad tapered and does a great job at getting into the crease.

 Top: IT Cosmetics
Bottom: Bare Minerals

Lastly, my amazing IT Cosmetics Eyebrow/Eyeliner brush. I use this daily to fill in my eyebrows. It creates an amazingly thin line, its super easy to clean, I rub the product off with a makeup wipe, and it’s got a shorter handle on it so you can really take control of the brush. Unfortunately it seems it’s not on their site anymore, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend picking up any of the IT Cosmetics Brushes.

These are my ride or die brushes that help me feel flawless day in and day out! What is your favourite makeup brush? I’m always in the market to try something new!

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!


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