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Trading Make-up & Making Friends!

A few weeks ago I received a private message on Instagram from a fellow Canadian beauty blogger, Sarah (@beautybysarahg). She wanted to know if I’d ever participated in a make-up trade before, and if I was interested in perhaps doing one with her.  I had never even heard of this concept before, but thought what the hell, let’s do it, she seemed completely normal ;). We decided to set a limit on the amount/price point of the products, and then I started going through my make-up drawer for some products I thought she might like.

I sent Sarah 13 products that I had never used, or I didn’t end up loving, including Smashbox BB cream, a Stila cream blush, Mac pigment, Ulta blush, and an LA Girl lip paint. She was really excited to receive her package, and knowing that she enjoyed the products made me really happy that we decided to do this!


When my package from Sarah arrived, I was so excited to see what she sent me. It was like Christmas morning. She sent so many fun things, and I couldn’t wait to get to trying them.


Sarah sent: a Clinique eyeshadow quad, Mac pigment stack, some perfume and shampoo samples, 5 Lorac mini lipglosses, a Smashbox primer, ELF blush/bronzer duo, 4 Liptar glosses, 4 Kat Von D lipsticks, a Bath and Body Works lipgloss, 3 nail polishes.

I love everything she sent over, but the ones that have been really exciting me so far are the ELF blush/bronzer duo, the Kat Von D lipsticks, and the Lorac lip glosses. The blush in the ELF duo isn’t the greatest, but the bronzer is amazing and I’ve been using it every day, and would totally recommend to others, and would repurchase myself. The Kat Von D lipsticks are in the BEST shades, I am so glad she sent these, as I don’t think I would purchase a Kat Von D lipstick before this, but now I definitely will. They’re great pigment and feel really nice on. And the Lorac lip glosses, I’ve actually never gotten a chance to try anything from Lorac, so this was exciting to try. They’re all in really great colours, and they’re perfect for popping in your purse!

I would definitely recommend doing a makeup trade with someone if you’ve made a friend in the beauty community. I love Sarah’s pictures, she is so sweet and I’m glad to have made a new friend. You should definitely check her out (and follow her!) on Instagram at @beautybysarahg.

I’m just winging it. My life, my eyeliner, everything!


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    1. It was honestly really fun! It was a good way for me to get rid of some products I wasn’t using, and not feel like I was wasting them. And I got to try some new product as well! Highly recommend.

        1. I think Sarah just realized I live about an hour away from her, so shipping would be easy, and we were liking each other’s pics for a few weeks. So worked out really well!!

          Thank you so much for reading!

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